Raye Johnston – MiddleGround Capital

Raye Johnston

Associate, Transaction Team

Lexington, KY

    Raye is an Associate on our Lexington based Investment Team. She holds her Master of Arts in Applied Economics degree from University of Nevada – Las Vegas in addition to her undergraduate degree in mathematics, economics, and kinesiology from Texas Tech University.

    Originally from Albuquerque, NM, Raye has been riding horses since she was two years old. Currently she is in the market for a new stable to board her horse in Lexington, something not too hard to come by. Like much of our team, Raye has dabbled in homeownership and is a self-proclaimed professional AirBnB host (let her know if you need a rental in the Lexington area!). We’re lucky to have Raye on the team, she’s an amazing Investment member but her lesser-known title is her role as the MiddleGround Capital DJ. She’s known to set up turntables at our events and we’re accepting submissions for her DJ name now.

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