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MiddleGround Capital is a private equity firm that invests in B2B companies in the industrial and specialty distribution sectors in the lower middle market in North America & Europe. We are differentiated as true operators who have experience working in and managing businesses that range from the lower middle market to Fortune 500 companies.

We make control equity investments in businesses that can benefit from the hands-on operational expertise we bring to the table. We partner and align ourselves with management teams to execute a customized value creation program that drives equity value back to our investors as well as management.

Our hands-on approach, in-house operational expertise and the friendly and hard-working demeanor of our team differentiate us from our peers.

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Years of Operating Experience
40 +
Board of Directors Positions
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Our team is comprised of individuals who have been trained and have significant experience working for world class organizations like Toyota Motor Corporation. This team has over 230 years of collective operational experience, ranging across numerous roles in an organization, from working on the shop floor as hourly production workers to working as executive managers in leadership positions at Fortune 100 companies.

We have been in your shoes. We understand the problems that face employees working in industrial businesses.

Private Equity Investors

We bring private equity, consulting, investment banking and capital markets experience to our portfolio companies. Our team has been trained and has significant experience working for both bulge bracket and middle market firms, such as JP Morgan, Bank of America and Harris Williams.

Collectively, we have held more than 40 Board of Director positions for middle market businesses.

Reliable & Active Partners

When our management teams do well, our investors do well. It is critical that our portfolio company management teams are aligned with us and assist in developing and refining the customized value creation program. We tailor a compensation program for each company that incentivizes management to maximize equity value creation.

Transaction Flexibility

We know that no two transactions are alike and that your business is different. We work with sellers to structure an investment that works for both sides. We move quickly and efficiently.

What’s In a Name?

At MiddleGround, we don’t believe that a good business relationship is one where someone has to lose for others to win. We believe there is a middle ground in every situation where everyone wins. As a result, we operate with transparency and respect while expecting superior results.

In addition, some of us (mostly John) are avid1 fisherman and have explored the Florida Middle Grounds on numerous occasions. The Middle Grounds are a collection of natural reefs 99 miles NNW of Tampa Bay, Florida. Although out of reach for all but the most dedicated fisherman, a bounty in the form of a plentiful catch rewards those daring enough to make the trip.

Our operationally focused approach to the lower middle market, combined with a partnership and respect for management, allows us to find superior value where others cannot.

1 In this example, “avid” does not mean to infer any level of actual competence, just a passion for doing something he is really not that good at over and over again.