Taylor Hall – MiddleGround Capital

Taylor Hall


    Taylor is an Associate on the Lexington Operations Team and joins us from General Electric, where he worked as a Financial Analyst and Sourcing Finance Lead in microenterprise as well as air and water channels. He has his MBA from Indiana University as well as his Bachelor’s in Finance from University of Kentucky.

    Taylor is a born and bred Kentuckian, not only did he attend the University of Kentucky, but are both his parents are alumni as well. He’ll be in good company at MiddleGround as a lifelong basketball player and a mega-sports fan who participates in a fantasy league called the “Tomato League” where the loser gets pelted with tomatoes (did we mention some of the participants were baseball pitchers?). This has led him to “believe that fantasy sports is more important than life”… don’t worry, we won’t tell your wife and two dogs you said that.

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