Lisa Hall – MiddleGround Capital

Lisa Hall

Senior Administrator, Automation Team

    Lisa Hall is a Senior Administrator on the Automation Team and joins us after an extensive career in the automotive industry. She got her start at Toyota in Quality Control supporting Inspection Operations Management. Lisa wore many different hats at Toyota from managing plant projects and production startup to coordinating executives. She then retired for about… one month, then her old coworkers John Dotson and Mike Bridge brought her to MiddleGround!

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger history buff than Lisa, she’s fascinated by all historical eras across all regions. Had she not taken the Toyota path, she likes to think she would have been a tour guide at The Smithsonian (she could spend weeks combing through the archives). Another one of Lisa’s passions is crime television, and don’t bother asking which one, she watches all of them with Law and Order being at the top of her list. Lisa’s ultimate dream is to serve on a jury for a juicy case so for the other 99% of people trying to get out of it, send your summon letter her way!