Brandon Hamel – MiddleGround Capital

Brandon Hamel

Vice President, EU Transaction Team

Amsterdam, NL

    Brandon is a Vice President on the Transaction Team on rotation through our Amsterdam Office. Brandon previously worked for BB&T where he worked on the sell-side M&A team, focusing mostly on industrial transactions. Prior to BB&T, Brandon worked with Pavilion. Brandon received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and History from the University of Virginia.

    Brandon hails from Boston and is obsessed with large-scale Italian hero sandwiches. Brandon is a modeling maestro and has a standard answer for any request “Sure, I can turn that around quickly”. Brandon is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. Brandon’s nickname in college was “Hameltime”. Brandon enjoys the simple things in life like eating burnt Cheez-it’s and it makes his day when his regular order of fries comes with a couple of curly fries mixed in.