Brian Smusz – MiddleGround Capital

Brian Smusz

Mechanical Engineer, Automation Team

    Brian Smusz is a Mechanical Engineer at our Automation Facility. Born in Youngstown, Ohio, Brian attended Kettering University in Flint, Michigan, where he obtained a BS in Mechanical Engineering with an automotive specialty. Brian studied as a co-op student through production engineering and assembly lines during his undergraduate program. After moving to Kentucky, he worked at Central Motor Wheel of America for a short stint before beginning his tenure at (you guessed it) Toyota! Like many MiddleGrounders, Brian worked his way up the ladder at Toyota, eventually claiming the title of Senior Engineer.

    Brian’s love of cars bleeds into everything he does, he’s even hoping to get his kids into it too! Serious question… is a young child okay to start racing? Aside from his adoration for anything with an engine, Brian enjoys spending time on his homestead with his wife, kids, and chickens who have all-too-human names (Edna, Bertha, etc.). But beware of the lone rooster, “Big John” who survived being ran over by a tractor and is (in Brian’s words) “too mean to die”. Big John is plotting his vengeance.