Del Soltani – MiddleGround Capital

Del Soltani

Vice President, Business Development

Amsterdam, NL

    Del Soltani is our Vice President of Business Development in our Amsterdam office. Del graduated from Western University and started her career at Checkout 51, a startup in the CPG industry based in Toronto. There, she spent time managing close to 40 clients and $6 million in digital campaigns. Next, Del joined DW Healthcare Partners, a healthcare private equity firm, as a member of the Investment Sourcing team executing M&A mandates with portfolio companies. After two years, she was promoted to Director of Investment Sourcing and was leading the business development team and strategy for the next five years. Luckily for us, when Del began thinking about her next career move, her and her Dutch husband decided to move to Amsterdam… making her a perfect fit for our office.

    Originally from Iran, Del spent most of her childhood living in Canada where she learned French fluently (which is one of the FOUR languages she can speak fluently)! Del used this French during her brief stint working in the Champagne region of Northern France… champagne in Champagne? Fine, we’re jealous. Though her roots are Canadian (eh?), Del much prefers the European lifestyle. While Canada wins hands down when it comes to natural beauty, the work-life balance and focus on constantly hunting for new experiences makes Europe her preferred home, and of course, the bubbly!