Sean Courtney – MiddleGround Capital

Sean Courtney

Analyst, ESG

    Sean Courtney is an Analyst on our ESG Team and joined us after graduating from the University of Kentucky with his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Sustainability Studies and two minors in biology and geology. While in school, Sean was published for his research on the gut microbiomes of a lemur species in Madagascar… we’re not kidding. Sean also held internships with Heaven Hill Brands on their Environmental and Sustainability Team where he managed hazardous waste profiles and different environmental justice initiatives.

    Sean was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and raised in the charming Boone County, Kentucky. Maybe it was the forest that grew behind his childhood home or the National Parks he visited with his family, but Sean has always had a passion for the environment. He was even Junior Ranger when he was young (yes, he did earn a badge). When Sean isn’t spending time outdoors, you’ll likely find him in a pool. He even represented his alma mater as the captain of their diving team (we’ll ignore the fact that he was the sole member of the team). Keeping in his love for the outdoors, Sean also has an affinity for gardening and returns to Boone County every Spring to help his parents prepare for the gardening season when they grow zucchini, tomatoes, and Sean’s favorite: beans.