Megan Cunigan – MiddleGround Capital

Megan Cunigan

Administrator, Office Management

    Megan is an Administrator on our Operations Team. She holds her Bachelor of Psychology from Eastern Kentucky University and previously acted as an Events Manager for PRA Events, a top-performing corporate event company. Prior to this role, she held positions in healthcare administrations, sales, and clinical research.

    Megan’s professional life pulled her right out of her rural upbringing (when we say rural, we mean one-stoplight-in-the-county kind of rural) and took her to Nashville! Megan has historically planned events with big-name musicians and hundreds of people, so it might surprise you that she’s a self-proclaimed “granny” and homebody. She’s in bed by 10pm and up by 4am to do her extensive routine that includes everything from meditation to ice roller massages. She does everything she can to set herself up for success, and that practice extends to her hobbies. Megan is an avid reader, and not the “50 Shades of Grey” kind of reader. One of her favorites is a textbook on quantum physics (and here we are, proud if our screen time is <2 hours).