Nate Bentley – MiddleGround Capital

Nate Bentley

Analyst, Valuations Team

Nate Bentley is an Analyst on our Valuations Team. Nate graduated from Centre College with a degree in Economics and Finance before beginning a fellowship program with Symbiotix. Nate always dreamed of working in private equity and secured a meeting with Scot Duncan about our internship program… What Nate didn’t realize is that his 4th-grade math teacher (Shannon Crump) and his childhood soccer teammate (Hayden Wilkerson) both worked at MiddleGround (what can we say? The South is small!). It’s safe to say he completed a successful internship and joined us full-time in 2024.

Towering at 6’6, you may think Nate’s signature sport is basketball or water polo, but during a semester living in Lake Tahoe, NV, Nate fell in love with skiing. In addition to his passion for the slopes, Nate also enjoys cooking for himself… although the Chipotle workers who are on a first-name basis with him would beg to differ. Nate is known as a friendly and trustworthy team member, proven by the fact that he has house-sat for multiple MiddleGround employees, Scot included (we’re still PATIENTLY waiting on any dirt you may have dug up, Nate)!