Melissa Gee – MiddleGround Capital

Melissa Gee

Associate, Human Capital

    Melissa Gee is an Associate on our Human Capital Team. She earned her Degree in Business Communications, along with a Minor in Business Administration from the University of Kentucky. Following her graduation, Melissa completed an internship with our Business Development Team before receiving an extension to focus her efforts on supporting our Human Capital Team. Her work ethic and personable attitude secured her a full-time position, where she handles all things hiring and recruiting, MGC employee experience, and leads the Internship Program she once participated in (we love a full circle moment).

    Melissa’s life motto is “Never stop Never stopping,” as evidenced by her aversion to sitting still. When she’s not locked in at work, you can find her working out and bettering herself by listening to educational podcasts like MindPump, where they discuss health, fitness, and current events. Melissa grew up playing basketball all over the country which is how she discovered her love for Lexington and the horse-riding industry. She started by riding horses in her hometown of Cleveland, OH, but strayed away from the sport when life got busy. Maybe it’s Saturn’s return, or maybe it’s just the ambiance of the Thoroughbred Capital of the World, but Melissa is back to riding horses and even competes in events around the state