Luca Settanni – MiddleGround Capital

Luca Settanni

Associate, EU Operations Team

Amsterdam, NL

Luca is an Associate on our Amsterdam Operations Team. He holds his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Bocconi University and a double master’s degree in International Management from Bocconi University and CEMS. After internships with Amazon and HSBC, Luca joined McKinsey & Company as a Business Analyst. Prior to MiddleGround, he was an Investment Associate with Argos Wityu, a PE fund, working on new deals and on portfolio management. 

Luca has lived in Montreal, Helsinki, Edinburgh, London, and Milan (common denominator being the sunny weather) but is a true Italian at heart. This is obvious when you realize how family-oriented he is; he splurges on gifts for his mother and recently bought her an iPad (that she still puts it up to her ear like a phone when she FaceTimes). He eventually wants to settle in Milan, where the wine is great, the food is fresh, the city is gorgeous, and he could spend summers sipping drinks on the beach. All he knows for sure is that Alabama is not for him. While on a PortCo visit, there was a tornado in the area and he was told to hide in a bunker… but Luca didn’t have any idea where he could find one, so he just hid in his bed, freaking out badly. Welcome to the South!