Gengis Sindelar – MiddleGround Capital

Gengis Sindelar

Analyst, EU Transaction Team

Amsterdam, NL

Gengis is participating in our rotation program based out of the Amsterdam office; his current role is on the Transaction team. He obtained his degree from the Hospitality School of Lausanne in Switzerland and completed two internships, the first as a bartender in London and the second as an Event Producer in New York. He also spent five months completing mandatory military service in Switzerland in addition to helping his mother found an NGO! Sol’En’Green improves social, economic, and educational conditions in Congo.  

The overarching theme throughout Gengis’ varied experience is his passion for independent day trading. Despite the few (… or more than a few) mistakes along the way, he became skilled and joined us at MiddleGround (don’t work Monica, his trades are cleared with compliance)! While we appreciate his finance skills, we’re hoping he can contribute some of his bartending experience to make some mean drinks at our company happy hours, though he clarifies that the big drinks in London are either a gin and tonic or a pint, that won’t be too impressive… we’re waiting for our fresh piña coladas!