Bre Johnson – MiddleGround Capital

Bre Johnson

Office Manager, EU Office Management

    Bre joins our Amsterdam team as the Office Manager; she has spent her career in assistant, HR, and office manager roles and has 15 years of experience supporting private equity firms in New York. We’re confident that she will keep our offices running like a well-oiled machine (even if it feels like she’s herding cats most of the time).  

    Because Monica (Partner and CCO) is Bre’s niece, Bre has years of gossip on John and several on the MiddleGround team. While we’re excited to hear her take on the dirt, we’re scratching our heads wondering how they STILL convinced her to take this job… we think the love of bourbon may have something to do with it. Bre is a bourbon fanatic and has over 60 bottles in her collection. She’ll be bringing them to Amsterdam with her and says, “if some bourbon breaks in the process, I’ll take that as a win for my kidneys”. While moving internationally may intimidate most, she’s thinks “living abroad is the most exciting thing in the world”. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised since she’s lived in New York, Chicago, South Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, California, Arkansas, Illinois, Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, and London… she’ll be alright in Amsterdam.