Christian Kellner – MiddleGround Capital

Christian Kellner

Vice President, EU Operations Team

Amsterdam, NL

Christian is based in our Amsterdam office and acts as a Vice President of Operations in our Amsterdam Office. Christian has a non-traditional career path, starting out at age 15 as an apprentice electrician at Siemans. He returned to school and gained his Electrical Engineering degree which enabled him to work in electronics manufacturing as a Manager of Maintenance. However, he was hungry for more and he furthered his education with a degree Business Administration in addition studying LEAN management with McKinsey.   

Christian is our resident globe-trotter and has worked in plants across the world. First, he saw nearly every Mercedes plant in the world as a consultant. Second, he worked in production with Daimler India Commercial Vehicles and saw this company grow from an empty plot in the desert into the third highest truck supplier in India. Third, he moved to Japan to become the Head of Supply Management for Mitsubishi Fuso (during a period of supply chain crisis no less). And fourth, he returned to Germany where he worked with Daimler Truck AG as the Senior Manager for Supplier Management, where he managed to maintain consistent supply during COVID. Christian’s vast experience has taken him from a small Bavarian village (where his mother expected him to stay for his whole life), to the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, and India where he’s become an expert in supply management and maximizing operational efficiency, while understanding how to navigate cultural differences across plants.