Yohance Dakarai – MiddleGround Capital

Yohance Dakarai

Maintenance Engineer, Automation Team

    Yohance is a Maintenance Engineer based in our Automation office. Like much of our Automation Team, Yohance joins us from Toyota where he most recently acted as FAE Seibi Team Leader. During his time at Toyota, he led equipment installations and helped new plants become operational across the world, from Japan to Mexico. Yohance holds an associate degree in mechanical engineering from Sullivan College of Technology.

    Many children aspire to become astronauts or veterinarians only to abandon those dreams later, but Yohance hangs tight to his childhood dreams… as a kid, he was obsessed with all things cowboy (his prized possession was his pair of boots), and today one of his favorite pastimes is reading nonfiction books about cowboys. His favorite is an autobiography called “The Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth”; with his passion for the topic, you’d think he grew up around horses, but he didn’t even see one until he was a teenager! Contrary to his love for the Old West is his love for sneakers, Yohance owns a business selling sneaker products, like display boxes for rare pairs and wipes to keep them pristine (here’s hoping he didn’t notice the scuffed Converse on our feet…). As a bonafide member of the sneakerhead community, he can help you track down unique pairs and get you a good deal… all on the books of course.