Matt Weir – MiddleGround Capital

Matt Weir

Director, Operations

    Matt is a Director of Operations based in Lexington; he has his Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in addition to his Master’s of Engineering from the University of Michigan. He managed HEVEV operations with Delphi at the start of his career but spent nearly 18 years with Parker Hannifin, a diversified industrial company. His experience varied from improving financially distressed plants, to sales leadership, to acting as a General Manager that consolidated several divisions and implemented Lean fundamentals. We’re lucky to have Matt’s extensive operations experience on our team. 

    Because Matt’s is a pastor’s son, he moved frequently while growing up, and experienced both big and small-town lifestyles. When he raised his own family, he gravitated toward the small-town pace of Charlotte. He appreciates that there’s fewer bad influences and says that “the worst thing that can happen here is your kid stepping in a cow patty”. Matt knows this from experience, he personally had some traumatizing experiences with farm animals… when he was in the 5th grade his foot was in a cast due to a broken ankle. Because goats are bottle fed, they thought the toes poking out of the cast were the tips of a feeding bottle… and Matt ended up with hickeys on his toes… bet you weren’t expecting that in a Director’s biography!