Kyle Huffman – MiddleGround Capital

Kyle Huffman

Senior Associate, Operations Team

    Kyle Huffman is a Senior Associate on our Operations Team. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Taylor University and his Master of Accountancy from Case Western Reserve, Kyle worked as an auditor with Ernst & Young for six years. From there he moved into a controller position at The Anderson’s, Inc. Kyle was motivated to make a stronger impact, and the start-up world called to him. He then took on the challenge of serving as the first Corporate Controller for Span.IO, where he set up their accounting processes and procedures, including key metrics and financial reporting.

    While Kyle usually brushes off recruiters, something shiny caught his attention when our team reached out to him. Part of the appeal was moving to a brand new place since he LOVES trying new things. Lucky for his wife (who has always lived in the same neighborhood she grew up in), Lexington is similar to their hometown, Toledo, OH. Kyle is serious about his hobbies and is an avid runner… but wasn’t born that way. The obsession started when he got out of shape after pounding Christmas cookies to keep himself up to study for his CPA exam. After he passed (with flying colors) he made a commitment to run a 5K every single day for 365 days and kept that promise! Today you can find him training for marathons, which is a good way to release steam with a two-year old daughter and a cat that he’s allergic to (don’t worry, he upped his allergy medication).