Dyana Baurley – MiddleGround Capital

Dyana Baurley

Director, Head of NA Business Development

    Dyana is our Director and Head of NA Business Development. Dyana is a Philly native who bleeds green (is there any other kind?). She joined us from Milestone Partners, where she served as a Business Development Associate. Prior to Milestone, Dyana held positions at both Your Outsourced CFO and Susquehanna International Group. She received her Bachelor of Science in Finance from Drexel University and her Master of Science in Communication from Drexel University.

    Dyana is an avid boater and skilled fisherwoman, making her a perfect match for a firm that has a grouper as a logo. (Actually, we hope John Stewart doesn’t get jealous of her 23-footer “Rebel Scum”.) Even though Dyana works with us in BD, she could very well be on our Operations Team—if you’re planning a trip to Disney World, be sure to ask her for her many spreadsheets that model the optimal and most efficient means of navigating the park, which for some reason she visits 4x a year…