Dave Wagner – MiddleGround Capital

Dave Wagner

Vice President, Data Analytics

    Dave is a Vice President on the Operating Team.  He joined us from Alco Manufacturing, the first portfolio company in the history of MiddleGround Capital, where he served as Director of Business Analysis.  Prior to Alco, Dave worked at MPI Products for 16 years in various roles, most recently as Director of Business Operations and Analytics.  During his tenure with MPI, Dave was a member of the sell-side team for 3 sale transactions, led groups responsible for analytics, costing, business development and commercial strategy, and implemented numerous IT systems.  Before joining MPI, Dave enjoyed 12 years working in a variety of roles including business operations, systems analysis, and sales/marketing in various industries including technical staffing, information technology, healthcare, and international consumer products.

    Dave is based in a small mid-Michigan city.  His household includes his wife Tracey, their two sons, and one small dog (breed: “wife dog”).  They are a divided family, with one parent and one son landing on each side of the Wolverine/Spartan great divide.  The dog is the tie-breaker, but he flip-flops based on who is feeding him.  Their family thrives on a rigorous schedule of travel soccer, serving in their local church, enjoying a variety of musical genres, and swimming in their pool during the painfully brief Michigan summers.  Side note: Tracey is already spending too much time scrolling through www.southernbarker.com.