Clark Freeman – MiddleGround Capital

Clark Freeman

Associate, Marketing

    Clark is our Production Associate in the Lexington office and has his bachelor’s degree in broadcasting from Eastern Kentucky University. Clark previously worked at the WTVQ news station as a talk show Director and IT Engineer. When we asked Clark about the best and worst parts of working at MiddleGround, the answer to both was working with his close friends Clayton, John, and Garrett. Though, the temptation to break from video editing to play Magic: The Gathering is a double-edged sword when you have deadlines looming.   

    When Clark isn’t playing games with the rest of the video crew, he loves racing cars at the track. He has a bit of a Mustang obsession and is on his seventh car – at first, we were horrified that he totaled seven, but turns out they’re all upgrades… should’ve known he was too good a racer for that. He also spends Saturdays in a friend’s 3D printing workshop creating elaborate cosplay outfits for Comicon. Last year, they had fully functioning Halo suits and were so popular they stayed out partying in them until 4am. We’re glad Clark is so interested learning how things work and fixing things since we’re almost guaranteed to break something on the marketing team.