Christen Paras – MiddleGround Capital

Christen Paras

Partner, Transaction Team

    Christen is a Partner, Transaction Team leader, and a member of the Investment Committee at MiddleGround. She is focused on transaction sourcing and execution as well as overall management of the team. Previously, Christen ran our business development, investor relations, and marketing platforms. Christen joined us from CoBe Capital, where she served as the Head of Global Business Development. Prior to CoBe Capital, Christen was a Managing Director at Orion Consultants where she advised investment banks on managing their top institutional relationships and optimizing market position before, during and after the Great Recession (talk about job security). Christen received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and her MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Christen is unlucky in horse race betting, even when aided by Ellis (our personal handicapper) and multiple iPhone apps. However, while her love for technology failed her at the tracks, it is one of the reasons we hired her so she’s got that going for her. Apparently she is also a “club DJ” so we can’t wait to see her use her skills on the turn tables (if we can stay up that late). Christen has also solidified herself as the resident New Yorker on the team given her dual fan status of the New York Giants and the New York Yankees, which we found to be so basic.