Ben McCaleb – MiddleGround Capital

Ben McCaleb

Senior Associate, Operations Team

    Ben McCaleb is a Senior Associate on our Operations Team. Ben joins us from the West Coast where he worked as an Aerospace Manufacturer for Precision Castparts, an industrial goods and metal fabrication company. He primarily worked in small facilities around California (which gave him some serious miles since he lived in Washington) and oversaw ~450 employees.

    Whether he was commuting to work in California traffic or getting soaked in Washington’s constant drizzle, it’s safe to say that West Coast life was not for Ben. When a recruiter reached out he was happy to pack his bags and move to the Bluegrass state! It’s a good thing too because now he can enjoy hobbies like bass fishing with his son and less family-friendly pastimes like drinking bourbon (neat, of course) and sports betting! Ben is winning big on all his favorite teams, we’d steer clear of him at the casino and any board game tables. His skills could be studied in universities.