MiddleGround Made: Plasman – MiddleGround Capital
December 7, 2022

MiddleGround Made: Plasman

Next in our MiddleGround Made series: Plasman, a global manufacturer in bumpers/fascia, grilles, exterior trim and subsystem components. Our acquisition of Plasman in 2021 represents our commitment to mobility investments.

Who is Plasman?
Plasman’s footprint spans nine countries and they’re all driven by a commitment to outperform, from engineering design to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. They pride themselves on their collaborative mindset and are capable of producing single-source solutions for tooling, injection molding, chroming, paint applications and assembly.

What sets Plasman apart?
Plasman is a perfect example of a manufacturer that marries human labor and automation. Skilled laborers are able to support high volume orders with robotics support, achieving a level of precision so high that they can even load/pack parts in a the exact order needed for the OEM’s manufacturing plans the same day. Just one example of how automation at Plasman streamline processes.

Learn more about Plasman at the link below and stay tuned for our next MiddleGround Made, where we’ll look at EDSCO and how they produce top quality products for b2b markets.