MiddleGround Made: Lindsay Precast – MiddleGround Capital
May 11, 2022

MiddleGround Made: Lindsay Precast

We are extremely excited to present MiddleGround Made, a new series showcasing the amazing work our portfolio companies do. In this series, you will be an insider, looking onto the factory floor to see how our businesses create some of the products we use every day. We are proud to showcase these capabilities, and the operational expertise of all those involved in these businesses from the factory floor all the way to the senior leadership.

First, we explore Lindsay Precast, a designer and manufacturer of engineered precast concrete structures for water/wastewater, utility, solar, transportation, and government end markets, which MiddleGround acquired late 2021.

Lindsay Precast Is a leader in the precast concrete market with exposure to the infrastructure sector. MiddleGround seeks investments with exposure to four key areas within the sector’s supply chain, including aged infrastructure, renewable energy, energy storage, and distributed generation. We believe that with the need for state, local and government spending the infrastructure sector is a great place to find select assets aligned with our investment thesis.