MiddleGround Made: Dura/Shiloh – MiddleGround Capital
June 13, 2023

MiddleGround Made: Dura/Shiloh

Next in our MiddleGround Made series: DURA/Shiloh, a #manufacturer of lightweight #automotive solutions. We acquired Shiloh and DURA in 2020 and in this episode, we feature two facilities purchased from BENTELER Group in 2021. Who is DURA/Shiloh? DURA/Shiloh is comprised of twenty-five facilities worldwide and produces automotive light-weighting, electrification, and safety solutions from a variety of alloys in aluminum, magnesium and steel grades. Since we acquired Benteler’s add-on facilities with hot forming and welding capabilities, DURA/Shiloh has been increasingly focused on lightweighting. What sets DURA/Shiloh apart? Despite operating for over 100 years, they’ve never stopped innovating and are driving the future of mobility forward. They offer high-quality, cost-effective hot-stamped panels for the cars of today, while their extensive EV manufacturing capabilities will continue to support the vehicles of the future. Learn more about DURA/Shiloh and stay tuned for our next MiddleGround Made.