MiddleGround Made: Banner Medical/Edge International – MiddleGround Capital
February 28, 2023

MiddleGround Made: Banner Medical/Edge International

Next in our MiddleGround Made series: Banner Industries, a #manufacturer of metal bar products relevant for a range of industrial applications. We acquired this platform in 2019 and merged with Edge International in 2020.

Who is Banner?
Banner is comprised of five US facilities and they’ve been a top value-added metal processes services provider, with services ranging from centerless grinding and waterjet cutting to straightening services, for over 50 years. In this episode we focus on their medical focused facility which services orthopedic, spinal, and dental implants.

What sets Banner apart?
Banner Medical’s array of services enable them to meet strict customer specifications in house, even the rigorous testing standards of medical equipment. Additionally, we’ve found synergies between metal suppliers (like Edge International) and Banner’s processing that have increased their appeal to customers.