MiddleGround Made: Attala Steel – MiddleGround Capital
November 8, 2022

MiddleGround Made: Attala Steel

Next up in MiddleGround Made: Attala Steel. We acquired Attala in 2021 and there are two plants, one in Koscuisko, Mississippi and a sister site in Hillsboro, Texas. This episode features our Mississippi plant.

Attala Steel specializes in high quality, low cost, domestic steel that supports commercial solar farm projects; their services include solar module support and strong foundations for solar installations as well as site management to ensure smooth project completion for their international customers. Attala is proud to be considered the most reliable source of solar posts in the USA and the teams are committed to maintaining that reputation with solid lead times and flexible logistics. This is possible because they are the only company that rolls steel, cuts it, and galvanizes in one location, making it possible to move quicker than competitors.

Stay tuned for our next installation, where we’ll continue to detail how our portfolio companies produce top quality products for B2B markets.