How Can Private Equity Help Manufacturers? – MiddleGround Capital
April 21, 2020

How Can Private Equity Help Manufacturers?

MiddleGround partners John Stewart and Scot Duncan teamed up with Thomas and Industrial Exchange to discuss what private equity is and how it can work with manufacturing companies with 100+ business owners and CEOs. In this webinar, John and Scot discuss MiddleGround’s approach to partnering with our portfolio companies, how we have helped them navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, and the qualities business owners should consider when choosing a private equity firm as a buyer.

John and Scot cover a lot of ground, but here are the highlights of the COVID-19 topics addressed (starting around 12:07 in the video):

Workforce Health and Safety

  • Cleaning of workplace and work areas
  • Staggering breaks, lunches, and work shifts for social distancing
  • Coordinating for access to free local testing


Supply Chain Risk Assessment

  • Communicating with vendors to understand potential supply chain disruptions
  • Frequent monitoring of inventory levels


Legal Aspects

  • Determining location designation of “essential versus non-essential”
  • Providing each location with proper documentation
  • Understanding the potential impact of the CARES Act


Cash Flow Management

  • Drawing on revolvers
  • Managing critical payables
  • Developing cash flow scenarios


Preparing For A Rebound

  • Providing continuous employment
  • Communicating with customers regarding start-up activities and future demand