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EU Office Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why Amsterdam? The city’s proximity and access to many of Europe’s industrial manufacturing hubs, strong talent base, and business-friendly transaction environment made Amsterdam the most logical choice when selecting an office location. The city’s focus on wholistic individual well-being and work-life balance made Amsterdam a perfect MGC culture fit.

Investment Criteria

European HQ; Global Operations
Revenue: > €75 million
EBITDA: €10 -€100 million
Transaction Size: Up to €500 million
Equity Investment: €20 -€350 million
Identifiable Value Creation Plan
Sector Focus


Shifting from the internal combustion engine to an electric vehicle, light weighting components, connected and autonomous technology


Shifting towards renewable energy, energy storage, distributed generation, and aged infrastructure


Industry 4.0

Digital technologies are being incorporated into physical assets (e.g., robotics, additive mfg., automation systems) to create a more efficient industrial supply chain that is less reliant on human labor


MiddleGround’s mission is to set a new example for investors, fellow firms, and our portfolio companies for building ESG into our value creation plans and the way we conduct our newly defined business.

Portfolio Company Management
Robert Jonkers: Managing Director, Operations
Business Development Opportunities
Anthony Denaix: Managing Director, Business Development
Investment Team
Alexander Van Der Have: Managing Director, Investment Team
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Gustav Mahlerplein, 1082 MA
Symphony Offices/Middleground Capital
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