Our Operating Experience – MiddleGround Capital
June 1, 2019

Our Operating Experience

The Private Equity Sponsor community is a crowded field. Don’t settle for the same old clichés from firm’s claiming they understand how to improve operations……

Thanks to Wendy Buxton and ACG New York for the opportunity to participate in their event earlier this year. I enjoy sharing why MiddleGround Capital is different from every other “operationally focused” PE firm.

Some firms claim they have intellectual property for how they create value. I know a guy in PE that would claim he has IP for how to sharpen his pencil. The truth is that no-one has the patent on “buying low and selling high”. At MiddleGround our differentiation is our experience.

Our Operating Team has over 100 years of operating companies together! That is right. Our team has worked together for over 100 years.

“If you have IP that can change the world, share it”.

Follow us MiddleGround Capital for insight into how we do everything that we do. Feel free to use all of our IP.