2023 Year in Review – MiddleGround Capital
April 9, 2024

2023 Year in Review

YIR 2023 blog

2023 was another transformative year and we’d like to reflect on the journey we’ve taken and celebrate the milestones achieved. Among our accomplishments, we earned $661.1M in capital returns, closed our first continuation vehicle, and launched MiddleGround’s 501c3 Charitable Foundation.

As our Founder & Managing Partner, John Stewart, said, “2023 was proof that MiddleGround is not only able to weather storms but also can thrive throughout them… There will always be down markets, and truly skilled professionals can show their true capability by succeeding in these times. I’m incredibly proud of my team. They thought outside the box, returned capital to our investors, were tenacious in deal sourcing, and maximized operational improvements throughout the year.”

With an overview of our performance, achievements, and milestones, we’re excited to share a summary of MiddleGround’s 2023 year in review. In this document you’ll find:

  • Company Culture
  • Awards and Recognitions
  • Fund and Capital Returns
  • Platform and Add-On Acquisitions
  • ESG at MiddleGround and Across our Portfolio
  • Messages from our Leaders

YIR 2023 blog