Olivia Burgmaier – MiddleGround Capital

Olivia Burgmaier

Family Office Accountant

    Olivia Burgmaier is a Family Office Accountant in our Lexington office. Out of all MiddleGrounders, Olivia may have the most classic, Kentuckian career path. After graduating with a BA in Accounting from the University of Kentucky, Olivia worked as an Accountant for Rhino Energy, a coal mining leader in Western Kentucky, and most recently held a Staff Accountant position with Gainesway Farms, a horse breeding business in Lexington.
    If the UK degree and coal industry experience didn’t put a big blue “KENTUCKY” stamp on her forehead, working at a thoroughbred breeding business sealed the deal! Olivia graduated high school with a whopping 19 classmates and was always surrounded by all things agriculture. Although working with horses is a passion of Olivia’s, it’s not a good idea to go to the track with her… when asked how her horse betting record was, her response was a simple yet disappointed: “Don’t ask.” A self-proclaimed “Maxinista,” Olivia has a keen eye for fabulous outfits that don’t break the bank, but she knows an outfit can be taken to the next level with a few dazzling accoutrements… like a Gucci handbag and designer shoes.