Krissie Baily – MiddleGround Capital

Krissie Baily

Director, Human Capital

    Krissie Baily is the Director of our Human Capital team. Before MiddleGround, Krissie held a variety of roles at Insight Global, the second-largest professional staffing service agency in North America. She managed employee development, built internal sales forces, and managed executive recruiting for a variety of clients. Krissie holds her Bachelor’s in Public Relations from Eastern Kentucky University and was named EKU’s 2014 Homecoming Queen! During the COVID pandemic, Krissie connected with John Stewart, who had a dire need for Human Capital assistance, and thus, Krissie was hired!

    Krissie is a relatively low-maintenance person as long as she has her two favorite things to maintain balance… coffee and chocolate. Oh, and she needs her hiking boots… and her dogs… and access to nature… and we can’t forget her husband Nate! If there was an award for “weirdest talents,” Krissie would take it home. For one, she is a “super recognizer,” and can remember every single face she has EVER seen, which has come in handy both with recruiting AND when she’s home in the countryside identifying and foraging for mushrooms! She is also a world renowned dancer (in the sense that she’s danced on couches in five countries), Krissie’s a fun time!