Garrett Brown – MiddleGround Capital

Garrett Brown

Senior Associate, Marketing

    Garrett is a Senior Associate on our Marketing team and holds a film degree from the University of Tampa. Before joining us at MiddleGround, Garrett worked in real estate as a videographer and photographer; when we asked his official title, he affectionately dubbed himself a “Freelance Schlub”.   

    Following his previous roles, he’s excited to be working with a full team of support instead of solo on projects, it sure doesn’t hurt that he’ll be working with some of his best friends. Garrett has known John II for a decade and even shot a 2017 feature film with him called “The Lost Digit”. The premise involves a man accidentally cutting off and losing his middle finger… don’t worry, we’ve specifically asked that fake blood and body parts be left out of our MiddleGround videos. Many of Garrett’s hobbies revolve around film. Beyond simply watching movies, a niche film past time is going to random locations to record audio for the video backgrounds. One of his favorite pieces of background audio is a broken AC unit whirring in a McDonald’s bathroom, it may or may not make an appearing in our MiddleGround Made series.