Clayton Gullett – MiddleGround Capital

Clayton Gullett

Associate, Marketing

    Clayton is an Editing Associate on our Lexington Marketing team. Clayton’s history isn’t your typical Private Equity path; he holds his Bachelor’s degree from Coastal Carolina University in marine biology and completed the geology program at Morehead College. He began his career in geology but the company was so toxic that he quit within a year. In the wake of disaster, his wife pushed him to pursue his passions in film and he was eventually hired at WTVQ news station by MiddleGround’s own John Stewart II and Clark Freeman – the three have worked together ever since!  

    While Clayton has a non-traditional background, an interest in film has guided him from the beginning; one of his favorite films, “Jaws”, inspired him to study marine biology. We’re glad his takeaway was an interest in marine life instead of going the “professional shark hunter” route. Things also could’ve gone awry had he taken inspiration from his other favorites: Godzilla, Airplane, or Monty Python and the Holy Grail…   

    Nostalgia for “Iconic Americana” also inspired him to take on a labor of love, fixing up a 1964, Ford Fairlane 500. He couldn’t resist after his parents raised him on stories of their classic cars.