Brent Holuta – MiddleGround Capital

Brent Holuta

Associate, Data Analytics

    Brent is an Associate on our Data Analytics Team and is based in Lexington. Brent joins us from the world of tech startups, where he founded an app-building platform called Legit Apps.  Brent is a University of Kentucky graduate with degrees in finance and accounting.  Brent will be working on our data & analytics initiatives.

    Brent started his entrepreneurial journey from his college dorm room.  One semester, when he went home for a break, he spent the whole break working on his app.  His parents, worried for their son’s health (and social life), planned an intervention. Imagine their relief when they found out he was working on a “legit” business.  Brent grew up in Indiana, PA – the ‘Christmas Tree Capital of the World’ (he was adamant that this was relevant), and is a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers & Pirates.  Brent lives in Richmond, KY with his wife, Elise, and enjoys teaching his three sons how to play golf – something made easier given the golf simulator in our office.