Brandon Schroeder – MiddleGround Capital

Brandon Schroeder

PE Associate, Operations Team

    Brandon is an Operations Associate and joined us from General Motors where he acted as a Senior Budget Analyst and has prior experience working with tier 2 auto suppliers. He holds his BA in Accounting/Finance from Michigan State in addition to his MBA in Finance from Indiana University.   

    Much like the rest of our team, Brandon loves the outdoors and spends many weekends hiking with his golden retriever/lab mix, Remington. He also loves traveling anywhere tropical where he can enjoy the beach and go deep-sea fishing (he hasn’t been to the Florida MiddleGround… yet). But that’s where the similarity to the team stops. Because Brandon is scuba certified and has gone CAGE DIVING WITH SHARKS FOR FUN. I guess Shark Week didn’t have the same effect on all of us as children since he was actually excited to see tiger sharks. We asked if Brandon was interested in scuba because of the bright coral reefs but turns out he’s completely color blind… so the deep ocean blue is more like the deep ocean grey.   

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