Andrew Unvericht – MiddleGround Capital

Andrew Unvericht

Associate, Marketing

    Andrew is a Lead Camera Associate on our Lexington-based Marketing team. Andrew studied Film at the University of Tampa (where he met fellow Marketing Team members, Garrett and John II) and continued his studies in cinematography at the New York Film Academy. Upon graduation, he worked as a 2nd Assistant Camera and Key Grip on various projects, accumulating over 25 film credits. He also worked on 15 different movies and TV Shows as an Office Production Assistant for Netflix, Paramount Pictures, and Walt Disney Studios.

    Like many others in the film industry, he was inspired to study cinema by the Star Wars movies but quickly found that the work wasn’t as glamorous as it seemed… he knew someone who got fired for bringing an actor tap water instead of sparkling. Luckily, he ALWAYS got celebrity water orders correct and had good experiences with his actors; the actor he was most star-struck by Ryan Gosling (swoon) whom he met while working on the Barbie movie and Gray Man. As you can likely guess, watching movies is a favorite pastime of Andrew’s (specifically anything by Stanley Kubrick or in the horror genre), but he’s also an avid reader and has a soft spot for Stephen King (keeping in the horror genre theme). If you need movie recommendations, or dirt on your favorite celebrities, Andrew is your guy!